Watch: HopeBUILDERS Completes Third Mega Ramp

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Last December, HopeBUILDERS partnered with The Whole Person to complete our third “Mega Ramp.“ In case you missed it, watch the video that highlights the client, volunteers and all the hard work that went into completing this 160-foot long ramp that took four days to complete. With this new ramp, the client’s wife will finally be able to come home after a long …

What is a Mega Ramp?

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On December 6th, HopeBUILDERS will take on an exciting four-day project, Mega Ramp III. So, what exactly is a Mega Ramp? Read on to find out… “Mega Ramp” is a term we created for ramps that are, you guessed it, really big. We give this term to ramps that are over 100 ft long. Our Mega Ramps are what set us …

Watch: HopeBUILDERS and Our Mission

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Since 2000, HopeBUILDERS has helped hundreds of clients in the Kansas City Metro with accessibility modifications and home repairs. Our hope is that with these projects, homeowners will be able to stay in their homes longer. Watch the video above to hear firsthand from the clients we have helped and learn more about our mission.