Our Programs: We Do More Than Just Ramps

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Although most people know us for the accessibility ramps we build for those in need, HopeBUILDERS does much more. We also help our clients in the Kansas City Metro with accessibility modifications, critical home repairs and bathroom upgrades. Accessibility Modifications: Accessibility modifications can include: door widening, handrail placement, flooring repairs, etc. These are impactful renovations that can increase an individual’s …

Alternative Ways to Support HopeBUILDERS

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As the only non-profit that works year-round to provide accessibility modifications and home repairs to the entire Kansas City Metro area, our client list is constantly growing. We have accomplished a lot this past year, but there are more people who need our help. There are many ways you can support HopeBUILDERS other than regularly volunteering on workdays. Check out …

Watch: HopeBUILDERS and Our Mission

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Since 2000, HopeBUILDERS has helped hundreds of clients in the Kansas City Metro with accessibility modifications and home repairs. Our hope is that with these projects, homeowners will be able to stay in their homes longer. Watch the video above to hear firsthand from the clients we have helped and learn more about our mission.

Meet Our New Communications Coordinator

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Say hello to Claudia, our new Outreach and Communications Coordinator! Claudia will help manage our social media, website and email communications. Claudia studied Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Arkansas, where she graduated from last May. She is very excited to work with HopeBUILDERS and appreciates the positive impact we have in the Kansas City community. In her …

Where Do We Get Our Funding?

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Many Kansas City residents may have heard of the work HopeBUILDERS does, but some may wonder where we get the funding to help clients needing assistance. Variety of Sources The fundraising HopeBUILDERS receives comes from a variety of sources. A large chunk of fundraising is from individual donations. Since the organization has been around for 17 years, a large database …

How Do Clients Find HopeBUILDERS?

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Many Kansas City residents may have heard of HopeBUILDERS, but some may wonder who we are, what we do, and how we find our clients. Who We Are HopeBUILDERS is a locally-formed, independent, non-profit group working to help disadvantaged people maintain or repair their homes. We generally consider “disadvantaged” to mean elderly or those with disabilities, but sometimes this may …