What is a Mega Ramp?

Hope Builders Blog

On December 6th, HopeBUILDERS will take on an exciting four-day project, Mega Ramp III. So, what exactly is a Mega Ramp? Read on to find out…

“Mega Ramp” is a term we created for ramps that are, you guessed it, really big. We give this term to ramps that are over 100 ft long. Our Mega Ramps are what set us apart from other organizations similar to ours. We aren’t afraid to take on these big projects; in fact, we enjoy the challenge.

To understand the scale of these ramps, watch the video above to see the time-lapse from our Mega Ramp II project, completed in June 2016. HopeBUILDERS finished this project in three days.

HopeBUILDERS will begin work on Mega Ramp III Dec. 6, 2017. See the schedule below:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 6th:  Materials Delivery and Excavation
  • Thursday, Dec. 7th:  Module Building
  • Friday/Saturday, Dec 8th/9th:  Ramp Construction

We are happy to be partnering with The Whole Person for this project. The ramp will be 120 ft. and will have an additional 40 ft. of walkway.

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