Volunteer Spotlight – John J.

Hope Builders Stories


Say hello to John Jepson, the first volunteer to be featured in our monthly Volunteer Spotlight. John is involved with HopeBUILDERS in many capacities and we couldn’t do what we do without John’s hard work. Continue reading to learn more about our ramp extraordinaire!
How long have you been involved with HopeBUILDERS?

I had been donating to HopeBUILDERS for several years before I was approached by El Slover to join the Board.  He was a very convincing HopeBUILDERS advocate.  As soon as I joined the Board I began to volunteer as well.  I think I joined in 2010.

You are a Project Manager for most ramp projects. How did you get involved with that?

My working career was in heavy construction, mining and associated project management.  My skills and interest in home repairs, plumbing and “finish” type work are very limited, so I naturally drifted into ramp construction, a better fit for me.  I guess I started managing ramp projects after a year or two.

What do your duties include?
  • Scheduling and conducting new client interviews, usually with Rick Roth
  • Taking photos and measurements of the area of a possible ramp, also with Rick
  • Making a sketch and materials list
  • Ordering and receiving materials
  • Planning and managing the workday
  • Repeating all of the above for the next client
Why do you volunteer with HopeBUILDERS?

I volunteer because what we do has an important and lasting impact on the lives of the people we serve.

What are the memories that stand out the most?

My favorite memories are of the clients who can’t believe what we were able to do for them.  Some of these were captured in our promotional videos.  My least favorite memory is trying to dig in frozen ground.