Volunteer of the Month – Bill Quick

How and when did you first get involved with HopeBUILDERS?

I first got involved with HopeBUILDERS about 10 years ago when I was attending a young adult group at church. They had coordinated a work day with Greg and from there, I had continued to show up to future work days.

Why do you volunteer with HopeBUILDERS?

I volunteer with HopeBUILDERS to give back. I have been working residential construction for over 15 years or so and have acquired skills that I believe to be valuable to the cause.

Any favorite memories or projects that stand out?

When I encourage others to volunteer, I usually tell them some personal work stories of how I have seen how we immediately change clients lives.

What makes HopeBUILDERS different than other KC area nonprofits?

What makes HopeBUILDERS different is the immediate gratification you see when the client can finally get in and get out of their house by themselves. I recently replaced a lot of plumbing for a woman because it used to take her over an hour to bathe or do dishes. After John and I left her house, she was in tears about how she could now do basic life necessities without the struggle of dealing with old pipes.