How do we build a ramp?

Hope Builders Blog

So how do we build a ramp in less than 12 hours? It’s no easy feat. Luckily, we have a great Project Manager who designs the ramps and helps coordinate the project on workdays, as well as incredible volunteers who make it a reality. Here’s a little bit more about our process:

  1. Planning the Ramp: We have many things to take into consideration when doing the planning. We have to figure out where the entry will be to the home, the available area for the ramp, and the slop of the ramp.
  2. Gather Materials: Naturally, there are a lot of materials needed for a ramp project. Besides all the wood, we collect screws, nails, and tools.
  3. Module Creation: Start by creating individual modules from the wood that you cut. These will be pieced together to create the ramp, instead of creating the ramp all at once.
  4. Planking: Once the modules are pieced together, we are ready to start laying the wood planking. We make sure that the boards are flush and level.
  5. Install Railings: Once the planks are all installed we are ready to put on the railings.
  6. Sand: Wow! We are basically almost finished! Just need to sand everything down to make it smooth.

There you go! That’s the process. There’s a lot to do, but with the right people, right design, and right tools it’s easy!