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HopeBUILDERS – Where Do We Get Our Funding?

Many Kansas City residents may have heard of the work HopeBUILDERS does, but some may wonder where we get the funding to help clients needing assistance. Variety of Sources The fundraising HopeBUILDERS receives comes from a variety of sources. A large chunk of fundraising is from individual donations. Since the organization has been around for 17 years, a large database of donors has accrued over time. HopeBUILDERS volunteers will reach out to those individuals through mail campaigns asking for
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Hope Builders – How Do Clients Find HopeBUILDERS?

Many Kansas City residents may have heard of HopeBUILDERS, but some may wonder who we are, what do we do, and how we find our clients. Who We Are HopeBUILDERS is a locally-formed, independent, non-profit group working to help disadvantaged people maintain or repair their homes. We generally define “disadvantaged” to mean elderly or those with disabilities, but may also include low-income families. Our volunteers and funding come from corporations, churches, and the community. A group of dedi
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